CNH Industrial Reman: Investing in quality control

Posted on April 25, 2013 in CNH Industrial Reman, Service, Spring.

REMAN for New Holland AgricultureUnlike regular “rebuilt” parts, CNH Industrial Reman parts from New Holland are remanufactured from the core. Each part is disassembled, cleaned and inspected; all cores are updated to the latest specifications; and components are checked, refurbished and replaced where necessary. Finally, the remanufactured parts are tested to meet or exceed the original OEM specifications. To guarantee lasting performance, all remanufactured parts are protected by industry-leading warranties  for parts and labor when installed at a qualifying New Holland dealership.

Recently, we invested in this superior remanufacturing—with a $1 million clean room project at the CNH Industrial Reman facility. The upgrade helped engineers create a 1,200-square-foot “clean room” for testing the latest Tier 4-compliant fuel injection components. This includes the new family of high-pressure common rail injectors, which are now being built to micron-level tolerances. The new “Class-6” clean room supports standard measurements of one half of a micron; by comparison, a human hair is 70 microns.

Clean rooms are rated by measuring the air particulate count per cubic meter. In the new clean room, eight huge HEPA filter modules work continuously to purify the air to less than .1 micron of particulate per cubic meter every two minutes, or 30 times per hour.

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For a detailed look at the remanufacturing process, watch the video below.