CropSaver: the safe and effective method of hay preservation

Posted on February 18, 2014 in Featured, Harvest, Hay and forage, Maintenance, Spring.

CropSaverNew Holland CropSaver™ hay preservative is a chemically buffered and neutralized proprionic acid used to help preserve all types of hay. Used with a New Holland applicator, CropSaver enables you to bale your hay at a maximum 30 percent moisture level. What’s more, it’s safe to store outside and won’t freeze or lose effectiveness over time.

Applying a low level of New Holland CropSaver will retain the hay’s natural green color and fresh smell.

The below chart illustrates the benefits of using CropSaver:

Moisture Percentage Results with CropSaver Results without CropSaver
16-22 percent Natural green color and fresh smell is retained. Discoloration, loss of fresh smell
23-26 percent No risk of toxic mold. Hay quality is maintained and preserved. Heats to over 120˚F. Mold forms and quality drops significantly.
Over 27 percent No risk of overheating and spontaneous combustion. Hay quality is maintained and preserved. Heats to over 140˚F. Hay will turn black and may combust.


  • Safe to Feed to Livestock: Propionic acid, the main ingredient in CropSaver, is an organic acid occurring naturally in horse’s gastrointestinal tract and in ruminants, so it’s safe to feed to your livestock.
  • Worry-Free Application: CropSaver’s gentle, but effective ingredients will not cause corrosion on your expensive baling equipment, and won’t clog application equipment.