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Posted on May 8, 2015 in Maintenance, Service.


Systemgard_Coolant_Test_IMG_1019_FLATSystemgard™ Fluid Analysis—a preventive maintenance tool—provides a picture of fluid and internal system conditions without disassembling your machine. With Systemgard, you can identify minor problems before they become major failures. The state-of-the-art fluid analysis identifies dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution and coolant that can cause catastrophic failure over time and significantly shorten equipment life. Monitoring the system cleanliness and filtration efficiency increases productivity and significantly reduces replacement costs.


Regular sampling and trend analysis will provide the information you need to continually maximize equipment reliability and ultimately, increase operating profits. Results are available almost immediately after sample processing is complete through the Horizon® online portal.

Samples should be taken at regularly scheduled intervals and from the same sampling point each time. Some factors to consider when determining sampling intervals are how critical a piece of equipment is to production, environmental factors such as hot or dirty operating conditions, the weight of the loads and excessive idle times.

Protect your equipment with preventative maintenance. Visit your local New Holland dealer to learn about your preventative maintenance options, and purchase Systemgard fluid analysis. To learn more about our genuine New Holland lubricants, filters and other maintenance products, click here.

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