Filter Facts: tips to keep your engine protected and running at peak performance

Posted on October 1, 2015 in Featured, Maintenance, Service.

It does not take much to damage an engine if it is not properly protected with the right filters. Fortunately, genuine New Holland filters provide the durability, endurance and reliability to withstand the most damaging of contaminants. With increased service life and greater capacity than that of competitors, New Holland filters offer your equipment the protection it needs — lending you more time and peace of mind in the fields.

Consider the following tips when shopping for filters for your machine:

Don’t underestimate the smallest of particles.
The smallest particles are often the most damaging. New Holland air filters measure three times more efficient than competitors and can protect against particles just one-tenth the diameter of a human hair. With optimal sealing and synthetic media, the filter’s life is dramatically extended.

CNH-2020-04_NH-2015-Inspection_BLOG-filters-contentThe less excess water the engine has, the better the machine will perform.
New Holland fuel filters feature a patented self-venting drain valve — removing excess water, faster.

Don’t sacrifice quality to make a quick buck.
Filters are important to your machine and extend the life of your equipment. Lower-quality filters may initially save you some money, but the inferior protection can cost you more down the road.

Greater horsepower can lead to greater damage.
If you are an owner of a diesel engine, or your work requires off-road equipment, filters are essential to the engine’s life. Diesel engines demand more than 8,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of fuel they burn. Off-road equipment generates more horsepower than automotive engines. With tight-sealing features, improved cold flow and greater capacity, New Holland filters accommodate engines of all kinds without sacrificing filter life.

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