Increase uptime with ShockPro™

Posted on May 6, 2013 in Harvest, Hay and forage.

New Holland disc mowerHitting an obstruction in the field can ruin your whole week. Protect your hay and forage equipment with ShockPro Hub Kits—designed to provide shock protection to the individual cutterbar modules should the knives contact large obstacles.

  • The shock hub reduces the number of splines, which will shear off before failing of cutterbar gear teeth. It also provides protection for the top cap assembly.
  • Retro Fit Kit includes a hub seal, which prevents metal fines from entering module components and damaging them.
  • Clamp loading on the shock hub drives the disc after shearing to prevent domino-effect failures by allowing disc to partially re-time.
  • ShockPro Hub Kits install quickly and easily—with complete instructions and hardware.

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