It’s all about capacity

Posted on April 23, 2013 in Combines, Harvest.

CX8000 New Holland combine concave

The larger your concave, the greater the threshing capacity—and the more productive you can be during your harvest. This is especially important in tough or high-yield conditions.
The round bar concaves of the CX8000 Series combines feature 16 bars each and have a wrap angle of 111 degrees, providing a generous 1,829-square-inch surface area that promotes increased separation, less grain damage and less loss. Using eight fixed plates, the rear beater rotates at the same speed as the threshing drum, smoothly transitioning material to the rotary separator.

Concaves for a variety of combine models and crop types are available from your dealer or via the link below—including convenient kits for more cost-effective equipment maintenance.

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