Lifebloods for your equipment

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Featured, Harvest, Maintenance.

New fluids from New Holland

Simplicity and performance for all of your equipment—legacy and new

Simplify your shed with fluids for every application. New Holland lifebloods are the only fluids recommended for your New Holland equipment by our expert engineers. We’ve tested these engine oils, transmission/hydraulic fluids and coolants against our most rigorous product standards—and they’re designed to promote maximum performance in even the toughest conditions. New Holland fluids assure longer service intervals, higher performance and better-preserved machine equity.

MASTERGOLD™ engine oil
With new emissions systems and ultra-low sulfur diesel, the formula for engine oil has changed. That’s why we crafted API Diesel engine oil that meets new CJ-4 classification. Mastergold Engine Oil no longer has additives that handle high-fuel sulfur loads. Instead, it uses additives that stand up to increased cylinder pressures and higher combustion temperatures while maintaining its lubricity—optimizing the performance of all of your machines.

MASTERTRAN™ ULTRACTION™ hydraulic/transmission oil
As we develop new technology for our machines, we also develop technology for the products that support them. When we introduced CVT transmissions to our lineup, Mastertran Ultraction hydraulic/transmission oil was reengineered for higher levels of shear tolerance, responsive performance and to maintain its properties under extremely high pressures and loads. We designed Mastertran Ultraction to be a multiviscosity fluid, so it can maintain consistent power-transmitting qualities across a wide range of operating temperatures, yet still hold on to features that make it the industry’s leading oil for all machines.

ACTIFULL™ OT extended-life coolant heavy-duty oat coolant/antifreeze
Emissions requirements are held to increasingly strict standards. Efficient New Holland engines, however, continue to be ahead of the game with SCR-only technology. Tier 4B emissions require higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures, and we’ve responded by updating the Actifull OT Extended-Life coolant formula to resist deposit buildup and other issues occurring in extreme conditions.

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