Roller Chain Maintenance Tips To Meet Even The Toughest Chain Drive Needs

Posted on May 6, 2016 in Featured, Maintenance, Service.

Your productivity depends on performance. At the bottom line: operation costs.

New Holland recommends the following chain maintenance steps, including effective lubrication, in order to lengthen chain life, decrease rate of wear and ramp up your productivity:

  1. In most cases, it’s not the chain. It’s the lubrication. Achieving maximum chain life, with slower rates of wear, comes from ensuring effective lubrication. Make sure the lubricant can freely flow into the chain joint during application.
    Check with your New Holland dealer to see if you are applying the correct lubrication method to match your chain speed and horsepower transmission needs.
  2. Worn sprockets, it turns out, are the worst offender of premature wear. Running new chains on worn sprockets, just like running worn chains on new sprockets, increases chain load amounts at the sprocket level. Always replace worn-looking sprockets—and always change out sprockets when a hook forms on the teeth.
  3. Overloading, reduced wear and chain breakage can be a result of misalignment. Make sure to align sprockets with guides to avoid overloading the chain.
  4. Increase wear life with proper chain tension. Avoid excessive tension in order to decrease the rate of wear.

CNH 5247-01 Digital Development_Roller chains_blog contentSo when exactly should you replace the chain? A guide:

  • Systems with less than 67 teeth need replacement after the chain elongates to 3 percent.
  • Systems with more than 67 teeth need replacement after chain reaches its maximum elongation. To calculate maximum elongation, use the formula 200/N. Where N stands for the number of teeth on the largest sprocket. For example, a 100-tooth sprocket reaches its maximum elongation at 2 percent.

Elongation, unfortunately, is unavoidable. Decrease operation costs with less roller chain replacements—and demand more from your machines that keep your farm up and running.

Have more maintenance questions? Read more about New Holland maintenance operations online.