Selecting and maintaining the right tires

Posted on October 1, 2015 in Featured, Maintenance, Service.

Tire purchases and maintenance can represent 15 to 20 percent of operating costs for your equipment. And the main factor for how long your tires last is based on selecting the right tires for your operation. It’s important to share your applications with CNH-2020-04_NH-2015-Inspection_BLOG-tires-contentyour local dealer so they can help you determine the tire with the ply rating and tread pattern right for you; however, it’s good to keep these maintenance tips in mind:

  • An important aspect of tire maintenance is tire pressure. Always make sure tires are properly inflated. If the tire pressure is too low, it will flex more than it should and wear faster. Conversely, if pressure is too high, the tires can lose stability and traction.
  • The main factor for differentiating tires is the amount of rubber and other materials in the tire, tread and sidewalls. If you are looking at more heavy-duty applications, you might want to consider a tire that contains more rubber. More rubber means it will wear longer and resist punctures better.
  • Some tires, like the brand Solid Flex, are solid wall rubber, which makes them extremely rugged. They will never go flat because they don’t use air. Elliptical holes on the rim deliver the same smooth stable ride of a pneumatic tire, and allow you to easily power through difficult conditions. They typically last at least three times as long as comparable pneumatic tires.

Tire liners are an add-on option to protect tires from flats and are less expensive than foam filled tires.

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