Smart for your machine: New Holland maintenance products

Posted on May 9, 2013 in Maintenance, Spring.

filterDid you know that New Holland maintenance products are designed to work more efficiently with your machine than any others on the market? From filters to fluids—and everything in between—nothing better ensures solid, long-term machine performance.


Our filters feature a synthetic, multi-layer, gradient density media that outperforms competitive cellulose and paper media two-to-one. This media features straight, round fibers, which allow oil to flow through faster, lowering restriction, especially when the oil is cold. This allows the oil to get to the bearings and the top of the engine much faster to help reduce wear, especially during startup. Plus, synthetic fibers are smaller than those of cellulose media, making for smaller pores that allow finer filtration and reduced engine wear.

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New fluids from New Holland

New Lifeblood fluids

There’s a new line of fluids from your New Holland dealer—and it’s the only line of fluids you need in your shed. These fluids (MASTERGOLD Engine Oil, ACTIFULL OT Extended-Life Coolant and MASTERTRAN UTRACTION oil) compatible with all equipment brands and engine types – both legacy and Tier-4.

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New Holland SmartStart™ Premium Heavy-Duty Batteries are the toughest you can buy. They’re built to handle tough, off-road conditions—to fight the number one killer of off-road batteries: vibration. Epoxy anchoring reduces grid plate vibration and short-circuiting, holding much better than commonly used hot-melt glues. Superior intercell connectors prevent cell-to-cell leakage on steep grades to ensure reliable battery operation. Special alloy grids retain a charge longer and accept it quicker—critical for off-road equipment that typically sits unused for long periods of time.

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