Smart precision, smart harvest

Posted on April 24, 2013 in Combines, Harvest, PLM Precision Farming.


Although the machines we use get increasingly more intricate, operating them is actually getting easier. Thanks to GPS, camera systems and onboard computers, today’s tractors and combines almost drive themselves. We have the technology you need to be more efficient than ever before.

IntelliView™ IV
The IntelliView IV display is an intuitive, color touchscreen display that can be factory-integrated in numerous models of New Holland equipment. It has full ISOBUS compatibility and can be used to both control key vehicle functions and run precision applications, such as IntelliSteer™ auto guidance, as applied mapping and implement control of mixed fleets of equipment.

FM-1000™ Display
With industry-leading performance and reliability, the FM-1000 display can handle all your precision farming and construction needs. From guidance to steering, and rate control to yield monitoring, the FM-1000 display has you covered. The versatility of the FM-1000 display makes it the practical and affordable choice.

FM-750™  Display
The FM-750 display is equipped with touchscreen technology, Field-IQ™ crop-input control-system compatibility, and an integrated GNSS receiver that supports both GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations for sub-meter to RTK-level accuracy. In addition, the FM-750 display works with the EZ-Steer® assisted-steering system, EZ-PilotTM assisted-steering system and Autopilot™ automated-steering system. The FM-750 display is the best value in the industry.

The EZ-Guide® 250 system offers high-quality, entry-level guidance capabilities at an affordable price. You can upgrade from manual to assisted steering by adding the EZ-Steer assisted-steering system at a price far less than the competition. The EZ-Guide 250 system is well-suited for broadacre crop applications that can be accomplished with sub-meter accuracy. The color screen and multiple guidance patterns make your work easier. Plus, Night Mode allows you to work around the clock when fieldwork must be completed. At the end of the workday, use a USB flash drive to transfer your data from the EZ-Guide 250 system to your desktop computer to print coverage maps and reports.

The chart below provides a quick breakdown of the features of our PLM displays.

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