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Posted on June 3, 2014 in Harvest, PLM Precision Farming.

Farming operations constantly demand better solutions for improving efficiency and increasing productivity. The new advanced Precision Land Management™ (PLM) software package offers a complete range of farming solutions that increase efficiency and effectively manage data.

PLM from New Holland offers the most accurate solutions for monitoring, mapping and evaluating crop data. It provides intuitive solutions that are ready to go when you are. With the right solution, you’ll have robust data to maximize productivity—and analyze yield, seed variety performance and more.

Quickly and easily enables reading and writing of data—merging client, farm and field names with job data such as yield and coverage maps. It then sends the data to your precision farming devices.

Maintain accuracy of field records, mapping and performance analysis. PLM mapping allows you to easily layer a variety of topographical and yield maps from year to year, using averages to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. Variable rate prescription maps can also be created using formulas based on soil type. Plus, you can create guidance paths or print reports for seed varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertilizer usage, equipment maintenance and more.

Easily access field, livestock and equipment data whenever you need an update. Print tax reports for both cash and accrual ledgers. Plus, you can keep up on the latest inventory records, supplies, seeds, chemicals, fertilizer, feed, harvested crops and livestock.

Surface and sub-surface water-management solutions help users identify optimal placement of tile and surface drains for both surface and sub-surface drainage water-management projects. View field topographical data in 3D from any angle and exaggerate the vertical to visualize the shape and slope of the field. Utilize the drawing tools to tie laterals to mains, create parallel lateral spacing and clip drainage lines. Design drainage tiles by size, pipe type and phase, then enter minimum depth, maximum depth and optimum grade for each.

We offer software suitable for mobile, handheld field computer devices. Capabilities include record keeping, mapping field boundaries and drainage lines, scouting, soil sampling and variable rate application functionality.PLM Software collage

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